electA Computer Networking is collection of devices which allows computer to exchange data and information. Different Technologies are used for Networking. Like- Linux,CCNA,Windows Server administration.DS (TCS iON) Training Partner, Mohali offers Networking Training for B.Tech/BE Computer Science/IT Engineering, MCA, BCA Students. This Training program is based upon latest technologies of Network Training are Job oriented training program. After completion of training candidate can make their career as Programmer Engineer, Developer or Testing Engineers. Our training programs are support by cloud Computing and experts all over the globe provide guest lectures.The module are given below.

LINUX (RHCE) Course Modules

The total duration of training program is depend upon type of course. Classes will conduct 5-6 days in a week and 3hour class per day 1 hour of theory class and 2 hour pratical session.

  • Get started with the GNOME graphical desktop
  • Manage files graphically with Nautilus
  • Get help in a graphical environment
  • Configure local services
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Manage physical storage
  • Manage logical volumes
  • Monitor system resources
  • Manage system software
  • Get started with bash
  • Get help in a textual environment
  • Establish network connectivityv
  • Secure network services
  • Deploy file-sharing services
  • Configure general services
  • Manage files from the command line
  • Secure Linux file access
  • Administer remote systems
  • Manage physical storage II
  • Install Linux graphically
  • Manage virtual machines
  • Control the boot process