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networking teacher
Module 1: CCNA

Lesson 1: Internetworking Overview

  • Line configuration
  • Different types of topologies
  • Types of networks
  • Modes of transmission
  • Hierarchical network model
  • OSI Layers

Lesson 2: IP Addressing

  • TCP/IP protocol stack
  • IP addressing
  • IP subnetting
  • Plan IP addressing

Lesson 3: Assembling and Cabling Cisco Devices

  • Network Devices
  • Connect Network Devices to the Router
  • WAN Devices
  • Compare the Network Devices

Lesson 4: Router Fundamentals

  • Router components
  • Router installation
  • Router boot sequence
  • Internetwork Operating System (IOS)
  • Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Perform initial router configuration
  • Set hostname, banners and passwords for the router
  • Manage the configuration register

Lesson 5: Basic Router Configuration

  • Perform interface configuration
  • View, save and erase configuration files
  • Router IOS image files
  • Backup and restore Cisco IOS
  • Backup and restore router configuration
  • Use CDP
  • Use Telnet
  • Check network connectivity

Lesson 6: IP Routing

  • Explain Protocols
  • Routing Metrics
  • Routing Mechanisms
  • Routing Algorithms
  • Set up routing

Lesson 7: Routing Protocols

  • Explain IGRP
  • Explain EIGRP
  • Explain OSPF

Lesson 8: Basic IP Traffic Management with Access Control Lists

  • Introduce ACL concepts
  • Explain the types of ACL
  • Configure ACL
  •  Introduce ACL concepts
  • Explain the types of ACL
  • Configure ACL

Lesson 9: Establishing Serial Point-to-Point Connection

  • Explain wide area network
  • Data-link protocols of point-to-point leased lines
  • Explain HDLC
  • Explain PPP

Lesson 10: Catalyst Switch Operation

  • The Spanning Tree Protocol
  • Catalyst 1900 switch operation
  • Catalyst 2900 switch operation

Lesson 11: Virtual LAN

  • Virtual LAN
  • VLAN trunking
  • VLAN trunking protocol
  • Configure and Troubleshooting VLAN

Lesson 12: Establishing Frame Relay Connection

  • Discuss the Frame Relay components
  • Explain virtual circuit
  • Explain LMI configuration and Encapsulation
  • Explain DLCI addressing details
  • Explain concerns of network layer and frame layer
  • Troubleshoot LMI
  • Configure Frame Relay

Lesson 13: ISDN Configuration

  • ISDN features
  • ISDN devices
  • ISDN connections
  • Configure BRI
  • Configure PRI
  • Verify ISDN Connections

Lesson 14: NAT/PAT

  • Network Address Translation
  • Static NAT
  • Dynamic NAT
  • Port Address Translation

Lesson 15: Wireless LANs

  • Wireless LAN concept
  • Wireless LAN security
  • Deploy WLANs
Module 2 SERVERS


  •  Installing Microsoft Windows Server 2008
  •  Configuring and Managing the DHCP Server Role
  •  Configuring and Managing the DNS Server Role
  •  Configuring Routing and Remote Access Services
  •  Configuring File Services
  •  Configuring Print Services
  •  Managing and Updating Windows Server 2008 (SUS)
  •  Securing data transmission and authentication
  •  Maintaining Network Health
  •  Implementing Active Directory
  •  Working with Active Directory Sites
  •  Active Directory administration
  •  Security planning and administrative delegation
  •  Configuring the user and computer environment using group policy
  •  Performing software installation with group policy
  •  Planning a group policy management and implementation strategy
  •  Active directory maintenance, Troubleshooting and disaster recovery
  •  Planning for Server Deployment
  •  Planning for Server Management
  •  Monitoring and maintaining Servers
  •  Planning for Business continuity and High Availability
  •  Introduction to Windows Server 2012

Final Project