DS (TCS iON) Training Partners provide opportunity to B.Tech/BE, MCA, BCA and Diploma students to enhance their skills and gain practical knowledge through industrial training. DS (TCS iON) Training Partner is a leading IT solutions firm and a subsidiary of Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS Ltd.) and a part of the Tata Group which is India’s best-known business conglomerate.

Module 1: PLC
  • Fundamentals of Electrical & Electronics
  • Concepts of Industrial Control Signals: 0- 10V & 4- 20 mA
  • Electrical Control Circuit Designing
  • Relay Logic Control & Interlocking Control Circuits
  • Contactor Latching & Interlocking
  • Automatic Motor Control Circuit designing using Ladder Logic
  • Motor Timing Circuits using Ladder Logic
  • Interfacing of PLC with HMI
  • HMI Screen Designing
  • Monitoring/Controlling of Speed, Direction, Feedback of Induction Motor on HMI
  • Synchronization of VFD using HMI

Practical: “Circuit Designing in Zelio Soft2 Software”

  • Study of use of various Sensors (Limit Switches, Potentiometer, Proximity, Color, Photoelectric & Temperature Sensors) & Actuators
  • PLC Wiring
  • PLC Programming & Troubleshooting
  • Logical Commands, Arithmetic Commands, High Speed Processing Commands, Sequential Logics, Data Transmission Commands
  • PLC Interfacing with VFD
  • Precision Speed control of VFD using PLC Analog Cards
  • Induction Motor STAR DELTA Connections
  • Induction Motor Timing circuits using Delay Relay
  • Monitoring of Induction Motor Operation
  • Motor Control Panel Designing & Troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting & Maintenance of Control Panel
Module 3: Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Introduction to SCADA software (Wonder ware, Allen Bradley)
  • Creating new SCADA Projects
  • Real Time & Historical Trends
  • Using Alarms and Events
  • Application of scripts
  • Communication with Excel
  • Communication with PLC
  • Fault Finding/Troubleshooting
Module 4: HMI (Allen Bradley)
  • Creating Applications, Creating tags
  • Downloading / Uploading Programs
  • Creating Alarm Messages
  • Communication with PLC with Hardware fault Diagnostics

Final Project